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Guest Blog by The Academy of Medical Cannabis

The Academy of Medical Cannabis has been looking forward to the last week of June this year with unusually heightened anticipation. For the first time since our inception we’ll be participating in a series of live events, at the leading cannabis industry conference European Cannabis Week.


It’s not just the opportunity to undoubtedly mingle with some of the leading organisations and figures at the centre of advancing the global movement behind medical cannabis. At ECW, The Academy is going to be hosting its first live seminar in training for medical cannabis.

First, a little more about the Academy.

Formed in advance of the rescheduling of medical cannabis last November, The Academy of Medical Cannabis undertakes not only to provide the necessary platform to better enable clinical education in medical cannabis, but also to define the leading standard in this education.

Authored and contributed to by some of the world’s leading medical cannabis clinicians and academics, The Academy of Medical Cannabis provides a research, evidence and clinical practice-based education.

Leading our educational content is The Academy’s Director of Education, Professor Mike Barnes, a renowned consultant in neurology and rehabilitation medicine with a valued record in helping young patients treat severe illnesses with medical cannabis.

Also taking a critical role in informing our courses is Dr Dani Gordon, a double board-certified doctor in integrative medicine with nearly a decade of experience in practicing cannabis-based therapies in Canada and the US.

Our team also includes a number of leading experts in other highly relevant fields, each with outlying training and experience in medical cannabis.

  • Psychiatric expertise is provided by consultant psychiatrist Dr Rebecca Moore.

  • Complex neurological and elderly care expertise is provided by leading specialist Dr Elizabeth Iveson.

  • General practice and primary care expertise is provided by the vastly experienced Dr Leon Barron GP.

  • And offering his expertise in chronic pain management is the consulting physician Dr David McDowell.

Supported by this deep level of expertise and providing a comprehensive set of learning materials, our courses will equip a global footprint of clinicians with the knowledge and confidence to operate with medicinal cannabis.

From foundations through to advanced information in specific conditions and for specialised therapies, including guidance on how to safely and effectively dose and prescribe, it is a focussed and clinically relevant education explicitly for clinicians.

Our live seminar is to take place June 27th at the King’s College London Anatomy Theatre, and will be led by Professor Barnes, Dr Gordon and Dr Barron.

Prof Barnes will discuss the history and science of medical cannabis, while Dr Gordon will provide insight into her own prescribing experiences, including guidance on how to dose and prescribe medical cannabis. Dr Barron will complete the offering by contributing his particular perspective on medical cannabis as a general practitioner, and some of the frequently observed challenges therein.

Concluding the talks will be a Q&A session, providing attendees with an invaluable opportunity to put their queries to what as combined represents an incomparable body of clinical experience in this field.

The Academy is inviting all clinicians, medical academics and researchers to attend, and we’re immensely excited to see you there.
Please register if you’d like to attend, but be quick - tickets are going fast!

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