UK Clinicians Are Pioneering Medical Cannabis Education

Guest Blog by The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

Since medical cannabis was made legal in November 2018, UK doctors interested in entering the sector have faced a range of recommendations from Government, professional bodies and industry, with conflicting regulations and guidance leading to confusion amongst clinicians.

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Doctors looking to become prescribers - members of the GMC specialist register - and GPs and consultants looking to refer patients have been left with a significant lack of clear direction about how patients access treatment, and who pays for it. With increasing numbers of patients asking their clinicians for treatments that they now have a legal right to, it has never been more important to support these pioneering prescribers and referrers.

In response, leading medical cannabis experts have set up the independent, not-for-profit Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society to ensure the UK’s first prescribers can successfully navigate this new world, and in turn, help patients.

Chaired by Professor Mike Barnes, the first UK doctor to successfully negotiate a medical cannabis prescription from the Government, Dr Dani Gordon (Vice Chair) and Hannah Deacon (Executive Director), the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is a community of medical cannabis pioneers, dedicated to bringing this safe, legal and, above all, effective medicine to people living with chronic and long-term conditions.


In November 2018, the Society published its own recommendations and guidance with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Cannabis under Prescription - the first step towards a clear way ahead for clinicians. Membership of the MCCS allows clinicians to develop their knowledge and access an unmatched support network of both medical cannabis experts and peers supporting patients with cannabinoid therapies.

Professor Barnes said:

“At this exciting stage of its development, the Society is pleased to be part of European Cannabis Week with an exclusive event on Wednesday 27 June, from 12pm - 2pm. Licensed producers, investors and those interested in learning more about supporting the Society are invited to an informal lunchtime event to learn more about the society's plans for 2019 and beyond.“

European Cannabis Week is set to be an unrivalled opportunity for attendees to learn more about the sector - the developments, trends, issues and opportunities available to professionals, brands and organisations shaping the future of medical cannabis in the UK and Europe.

Sign up to meet the UK’s first medical cannabis clinicians and learn how, with your support, the Society will achieve its mission.

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