Investing in Women With entOURage

A nascent market with an abundance of opportunity requires tremendous responsibility. It necessitates building an industry that is inclusive, and one that is not simply recreating pre-established structures.

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The entOURage Network has been cultivating a space to engage people and topics often left on the margins of society, such as the role of females in the industry.

Their upcoming event on Thursday, June 27, will highlight women in cannabis.

This ‘Investing in Women’ workshop will explore three tracks:

  1. Female investors

  2. Female entrepreneurs

  3. Companies focused on the female demographic.

With an all-female led set of speakers, participants will have the chance to learn from some of the industry’s leading minds including:

A mix of presentations, fireside chats, panels and interactive Q&A sessions aim to provide a diverse toolkit and knowledge for all participants.

Beyond shared experiences that aim to empower others, there will be time for networking. The outcome of women-to-women connections has, at previous entOURage events, proven to foster the beginning of a new collaboration. They believe that ‘We are stronger together.’

The team hopes to showcase the strength, innovation and passion that women in the legal cannabis industry demonstrate on a daily basis. By cultivating a space that is welcoming, they expect that people will experience the authentic force of connectivity.

As the largest entOURage event to date, they are looking forward to welcoming attendees from more than five countries (note that all genders are welcome).

Guests will be offered a light breakfast, canapés (some infused with CBD) and terpene infused champagne!  

The event is kindly brought to you by AURA Ventures, Aurora and HÜGG, and will be hosted at 4th Floor Studios.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

On behalf of the entOURage Network team, they look forward to seeing you there.

Join our movement. This is our entourage effect.

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