Global Cannabis Partnership to Launch in Europe

As Europe’s cannabis industry continues to grow, so does its importance and influence on the international stage. That’s why the Global Cannabis Partnership will use ECW to celebrate their European launch on Monday, 24th June.

The Global Cannabis Partnership is an international initiative that seeks to establish corporate social responsibility standards across legal cannabis markets worldwide. A collaboration of leaders from across the supply chain, the GCP was formed to ensure that regulated cannabis industries - in all their forms - are developed in a responsible and socially-sustainable manner.

The GCP represents an ever-growing network of industry operators. Members include government agencies alongside licensed cannabis producers, with membership open to affiliate organisations, national associations and community groups across the global cannabis industry.

GCP’s launch recognises the growing importance of medical cannabis on the continent, and will highlight the crucial role that corporate governance and social responsibility play within a successful legal cannabis industry. The event will take place Monday evening at the House of Commons, and will feature speakers across politics, the cannabis industry and civil society.

Kim Wilson, Executive Director of the GCP

Kim Wilson, Executive Director of the GCP

The cannabis industry is in a unique position to redefine corporate social responsibility on a global scale. I look forward to sharing why standards and guidelines for best practices are critical in this growing industry during European Cannabis Week
— Kim Wilson, Executive Director of the GCP

Event Programme

Introduction to the GCP and its goals by Kim Wilson, Executive Director of the GCP

PANEL: Corporate governance in the cannabis industry

Cannabis companies need a clear governance strategy in order to navigate Europe’s fragmented regulatory landscape. But transparent corporate governance goes beyond matters of compliance - it is a valuable tool through which to change perceptions of cannabis businesses, and aid public recognition of the industry as a legitimate and socially-beneficial enterprise.

Questions dealt with will include:

  • What should cannabis corporate social responsibility look like for the European industry?

  • How can cannabis companies promote transparency in their corporate governance within such a complex regulatory landscape?

  • Which segments of the industry should best practice guidelines focus on in the UK and Europe?

  • How can we effectively hold industry actors to account against best practice standards?

PANEL: Social justice and environmental sustainability

The new European cannabis industry has a unique opportunity to become a model for social and environmental sustainability. The GCP and its members are committed to ensuring that the industry not only provides safe products for patients and consumers, but takes into account its environmental footprint and broader impact on society.

Discussions to include:

  • How can the industry help society and political establishments overcome the misconceptions and biases associated with the cannabis plant?

  • How can the legal industry help to address the disproportionate impact on marginalised communities caused by cannabis prohibition?

  • What is the cannabis industry doing to minimise its environmental footprint?

  • How can the cannabis industry address the under-representation of women and people of colour at the executive level?

A full lineup of panellists will be announced shortly.

Spaces at this event are highly limited. If you are interested in attending, please sign up here or contact Charlotte at